Thursday, November 10, 2016

ENG 11 H and English 12 CTP Blizzard Bag

Hello Juniors and Seniors!

Congratulations on your third snow day off from classes this year. You will be embarking on your first blizzard bag assignment for me, which will make up for all of this (hopefully fun) time out of the building. The work here won't take that long-- less than an hour. After that, enjoy your time off and an almost free day out in the snow!

Today you will have to examine creative writing philosophy in either two short essays for English 11 H, or one for English 12 CTP. Instructions for the assignment can be found below:

For English 11 Honors: Read the following two New York Times articles by famous writers of fiction. The first is by Louise Erdrich, and the second by Kurt Vonnegut. Write one page that outlines each of their separate lenses for viewing the practice of writing. Describe each author's individual most important ideas, and state the similarities and differences between what they value.

Here are your articles:

For English 12 CTP: Read the Kurt Vonnegut article (the second link above) and explain in your own words: What are Vonnegut's big ideas about writing? What does he value, or find important in the process of writing? Lastly, what does he mean in his weird, abstract image at the end of the piece-- what does he try to do for his writing students?